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For centuries, artists have embellished their metal works with a greenish, bluish, or rust patina. Adding depth, texture and a stately charm, patina finishes add elegance to art and design pieces.

Sophisticated Finishes bottled the natural oxidation process in our Patina Antiquing Solutions. In just hours, our unique blend of mild salts and oxidizing agents in a water-based mix, creates a beautiful patina finish that can that can take years to form naturally.

Transform sculptures, fountains, light fixtures, or virtually any indoor or outdoor design feature with a patina finish. Our Antiquing Solutions react with our Metallic Surfacers or genuine copper, brass, bronze or iron.

Interior designers, architects, artisans, set designers and crafters create inspired works using our Antiquing Solution.

  Rust   Patina Blue   Patina Green  
  Rust   Rust   Rust
  Black Tint   Burgundy Tint    
  Rust   Rust
Patina Antiquing Solutions are simple to apply and quickly cleanup with water. Create a patina on our reactive Metallic Surfacers or on genuine copper, brass, bronze and iron. See our Reactivity Chart for specific information about the reactive properties of our Metallic Surfacers.

Directions for use can be found on our Instructions page.
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